Unique quadri-functional technology
Featuring traditional microcurrent with three easy settings

Varistim dual EMS variable signal for facial muscle toning, tightening, shortening and lifting.

Functional tools:
Facial Double Roller freely moves over face and neck with ease of use
Isometric Double Wand ideal for contouring and sculpting
Double Gold Ball – moves freely over face, forehead and eye area. Ideal for mid face lift, eye tuck, forehead lift and eyebrow lift.

Lifting Single Disk that works together with single gold ball or either of these work together with a single oval on the shoulder. When working with single wands, the red wire becomes the grounding wire and is stationary either on shoulder or jawline. The black wire is mobile attached to either single gold ball or single gold disc and is freely movable over face, neck, forehead and eye area. Ideal for a deeper penetration and sculpting.