The Beauty of Working from Home: Find Out How You Can Join the Diamond Team Today

So, you’ve made the decision to make a lifestyle change and work from home? Congratulations! You have managed to navigate the minefield of so-called work from home opportunities on the internet and found one that can genuinely bring you both job satisfaction and a healthy income. We aren’t promising you any gimmicks, get rich quick schemes or the ability to make money whilst you sleep because let’s face it, if that was a real possibility everyone would be doing it! What we can offer you though is the opportunity to be a part of life changing technology.

Diamond has been active in the beauty industry for 25 years and has worked all different variations of skin. Joining our team allows you to not only have the freedom and comfort to work from home, but allows you to make an income. Diamond will add an element of excitement to your career and will give you the confidence to interact and build relationships with like-minded individuals.

We are so eager to extend our team that we want to support you in the best way we can, in doing so we will provide you with equipment that is proven to work, full training and support, banners and brochures, and a very quick return on your investment (see below). Best of all the start-up cost is low and the customer satisfaction is high.

We want to emphasise that it does not matter what your original job status is, we love having a team full of knowledge, this will add an element of edge to your work.

What You Can Offer as a Diamond Beauty Specialist

Before we jump into how we can help you take your next step into the world of natural beauty treatments and working from home, let us tell you a little bit more about what we do.

Diamond treatments have been specially made for every sort of skin type. We made it our mission to help treat and care for variations of skin types. We are dedicated to assisting in the appearance and wellbeing of our customers.

A Diamond Beauty Specialist, will be trained to give the Diamond treatments which are ideal for rejuvenation and prevention, and to treat the real cause of aging and fine lines.

Problematic skin is cared for with treatments and products specific for oily, problematic skin. This will assist in the cause of congestion and blockage which is the real source of the problem. Diamond is a gentle, natural way to prevent skin breakouts.

Sensitive skin with redness and rosacea or red veins is targeted with treatments and products that specialise in sensitive skin to support and help reduce redness, which in turn, will prevent further problems. Ideal for skin of all ages, as this is a problem skin type that needs very targeted treatments

Prevention of aging comes by addressing the 3 causes of fine lines and sagging skin. We can promise you that our treatment delivers the essential rejuvenation required for skin of all ages, to help prevent aging.

Diamond believes in beauty through wellbeing. All of the Diamond products have no down time, and cut out an injury response. The equipment used within the Diamond brand, is designed to use technology in harmony with the natural functioning of the body. This will create a gentle beauty treatment with maximum results, that will change the way you look and most importantly feel.

This is your chance to be a part of a team of beauty therapists offering a cutting edge natural beauty treatment that really works.

Diamond has been involved in the industry for 25 years, and recognition has grown immensely in the USA from brands such as:

  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Ella Bache
  • Golden Globes
  • Dr Phil
  • E News
  • Fox News
  • Live Like a Star
  • Multiple magazines


Testimonials: Fel: “Refreshed, like my skin has a life of its own! I have always struggled with red and puffy skin. After the treatment I immediately saw a difference, it’s definitely a treatment that I will be continuing and I would highly recommend it. It’s non-invasive and gentle on your skin.”

Emma: “I’ve always been interested in Botox but when I came across Facial Diamond cupping, I decided to give that a go first. I was blown away by the results, not only did it give my face an overall lift, but my skin felt fresh and rejuvenated afterwards.”

Becoming a Diamond Beauty Specialist

You’ve made it this far! That no doubt means that you are just as excited about what we can offer you, as what your new future customers will be about what you’ll soon be able to offer them!

So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of what’s really involved in becoming a Diamond Beauty Specialist. Unlike some businesses who are happy to take your hard earned dollars and then send you on your merry way, we take the utmost pride in, and care of our team. We want to empower you with the knowledge to live up to the Diamond standard, so you can take pride in your new found career and earn money for your efforts, which is why we provide an excellent training package.

Our pledge to you:

  • We will work with you and talk you through any queries you may have, and you will gain extensive knowledge and learn about the history of Diamond.
  • We will provide technical and training support and talk to you about consumables and resale products.
  • We will provide training through easy to follow online tutorials, via the Diamond website.
  • You will have 24-hour access and online support.
  • There will be a minimal of 5-6 training components, this will be provided with video and text format.

Cost of Becoming a Diamond Beauty Specialist and How Much You Can Charge for Treatments

You’ve made the decision to follow your dreams and set up shop as a beauty therapist from the comfort of your own home. Let’s face it, when it comes to the crunch the only thing holding you back from taking the plunge is knowing how much it is going to cost and how much you could potentially earn, right?

So let’s not waste anymore of each other’s time. We’re confident that when you see how the figures stack up, the cost of set up and the cost of treatments you will be able to charge for, coupled with the extensive training you will receive you’ll be rushing to clear out your spare room to turn into your new treatment room!

Pricing Information:


The minimum treatment cost is $80 and treatments are sold in packs of 6, averaging to a cost of $123.75 per treatment. Based on these calculations you would only need 20 customers to pay off your investment.

If three treatments are done per day, this will take 33 working days or 6.5 week on a 5 day week to pay off a Diamond investment.

How much you should be charging per hour/ time:

Treatment price of $80 = 30 minutes

4 step treatment package price of $125 = 45 minutes

Treatment list:

  • Diamond Oxypeel microdermabrasion $80
  • Diamond Oxypeel microdermabrasion $80
  • Diamond Oxydrench hydration facial $80
  • Diamond Facial Power  Cupping $80
  • Skin pure facial for problem skin $125
  • Redness and sensitive skin facial $125
  • Plump lift and Smooth Facial      $125


Cost of products: Single treatment about $6 per treatment. 4 Step treatment estimated at $12 per treatment.

Your ongoing costs: Minimum electricity charge.

Total Cost to set up: $9 900 plus GST 

  • Machine $6900 plus gst
  • Product kit $1200 plus gst
  • Trolley $ 200 plus gst
  • Salon supplies $ 200 plus gst
  • Banners and Brochures $ 300 plus gst
  • Stationery $100 plus gst
  • Licence fee $1000 plus gst

For more information on how you can be a Diamond Beauty Specialist and work from the comfort of your own home, during hours that suit you