The Halo Peel Sea Salt Microdermabrasion and Oxygen Infusion System is a three part system, safe for all skin types. It exfoliates, polishes and refines the skin surface as well as feeds and detoxes the cells to create healthy fortified skin.

The patent pending Halo Peel System has been specially engineered to handle Sea Salts. It features positive pressure/compression instead of suction along with purified oxygen delivery to complement all of today’s skin care needs.

• Powerful Anti-Oxidant

• Balances the pH of the skin

• Anti Bacterial and a strong tool to battle acne

• Detoxing to the cells

• Hydrating to the cells and helps them hold moisture

• Anti-Inflammatory

• No artificial allergens

• Great to reduce men’s shaving time and irritation

• Leaving a light film of the mineral salts on the skin adds overall benefits to the skin treatment

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion
The use of the Diamond tip is for refinement of the skin combined with the positive compression air, and highly potent and corrective serums to deliver a beautiful polish to skin.

Perfect time for extended work on deep lines and wrinkles, pigmentation (the compression air is cooling to the skin) and scarring without worry of going to deep.

Oxygen Infusion
For the Diamond Tip and Oxygen Infusion the unit uses purified oxygen. The Infusion step uses the purified oxygen over selected custom serum formulas to deliver the final finishing touch to the treatment.


Price: $4000 USD

Not available in USA.