Unique quadrifunctional technology

Featuring traditional microcurrent with three easy settings.

  • microlifting
  • microhydration
  • microtoning

Double ultrasonic wave 28,000 oscillations on a versatile cordless stainless steel spatula hand tool for:
Ultrasonic deep celeansing and peeling
Ultrasonic product penetration
Utrasonic pulsed wave for
Extraction and deep pore cleansing

Ionic serum/mask infusion for hydrating and serum penetration

Functional tools:
Facial double roller freely moves over face and neck with ease of use
Lifting disk for deeper penetration and facial sculpting
Ergometric golden ball for eye tuck and skin smoothing

Benefits Microcurrent:
Microcurrent waves are the ultimate non-invasive non-surgical facial lifting and toning
Gentle vibrations using sequential piezo-electric very low impulses of energy to energise and re-educate facial muscles
Microcurrent works with the natural body frequencies to enhance and boost cell to cell communication delivering tightening toning lifting and improved facial glow.

Microcurrent waves provide deep product hydration yet are gentle and comfortable whilst delivering visible and cumulative results.