The Blue Diamond Organic, brings forward a new era in Microdermabrasion technology. Developed by Diamond Spa, the worldwide leader in non-invasive skin care, this unit for use by aesthetic processionals provides both powerful and flexible advantages in the delivery of superior skin care treatments.

With the ability to utilise both Crystals, Organic Grains™ using the unique two bottle switching system, this unit takes simplicity to new levels. Increased power output enables quicker treatment time while the revolutionary screw-on bottle system and switching device will save hours of maintenance time in the topping up and discard of fresh and used crystals or grains.

This versatile unit delivers all that is needed in a microdermabrasion system, to see the or Crystals unit in action please call your local agent for a private, obligation free demonstration. Give your clients the safest and most comfortable treatment in the cosmetic field for regeneration of collagen and proven epidermal thickening. (Proven by medical study conducted by Diamond Spa after 10 treatments at 35kpa)

Another breakthrough microdermabrasion option from the company known for its pioneering work in skin care technology … microdermabrasion, the newest, most innovative system in microdermabrasion technology. This unique system is specially engineered to deliver an exciting, new proprietary blend of organic ingredients for microdermabrasion treatments and the two bottle system provides for easy delivery of crystal, Organic treatments, or a combination of both.

The Blue Diamond™ and Diamond Organic Skin Resurfacing Grains™ offer a stimulating and smooth polished finish, while still delivering the great results and micro-massage skin rejuvenation you want and expect from microdermabrasion. Now you can treat the skin more frequently with increased benefits such as collagen stimulation, nourishing blood stimulation, and smooth skin surface renewal.

  • Safe
  • Chemical free
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No harsh salts
  • No scratching